For Individuals

Most people prefer to see a psychologist on a “one-on-one” basis, for issues including:

  • Depression & anxiety;
  • Existential issues (finding meaning and purpose in life and work);
  • Addiction (drug and alcohol); and,
  • Eating disorders (restriction, binge-purge and overeating).

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For Couples

Interpersonal relationships are hard. And it is normal to have periods of time in relationships where we feel like we reach a crisis point, feel like things aren’t changing or improving, or we need to deal with significant traumatic events (such as infertility, grief and loss, infidelity or parenting issues). For many couples, it can be difficult to cope at these times, and it is often hard to talk about these issues with your normal support networks (like family and friends). Relationship therapy aims to empower people in relationships by improving communication skills, working through specific issues, increasing pleasure/joy and enabling them to break unhelpful patterns of behaviour. This therapeutic approach is not only for romantic relationships- it can be helpful for parent-child relationships as well. Please click here for further information on Couples Services.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP services are essentially counselling sessions funded by your employer as part of their commitment to employee health and wellbeing. Many companies offer between 1 to 6 sessions for both employees and the families of employees (check with your employer). EAP sessions don’t have to be about workplace issues- they can be about anything that impacts on your wellbeing.

Insurance-Related Services

If you have suffered a psychological injury as a result of a motor vehicle (CTP) or workplace (WorkCover) accident, you may require treatment with a psychologist as part of your recovery. Your nominated treating doctor can refer you for treatment in blocks of 6 sessions once your claim has been granted provisional liability. We can provide psychological treatment and bill your insurance company directly.