Insurance-related Services (WorkCover, CTP)

Insurance-Related Services

If you have suffered a compensable psychological injury, your first point of call is your GP, who will provide a diagnosis, complete the relevant insurance paperwork, and refer you for treatment. You have the right to choose your own psychologist as part of you treatment. Simply request a referral from your GP, and bring the referral with your claim number and insurance details to your first session. It is preferable for you to let us know when you book your first session that it is through an insurance claim, so we do not mistakenly charge you for the initial visit.

The initial session will involve collecting information about your injury and formulating a treatment plan, which will be sent to your insurance company for cost approval. Usually you will be able to access 6 sessions, and progress will be reviewed prior to requesting funding for further sessions from your insurer.

You cannot use these sessions for unrelated psychological issues, as the treatment is for the specific injury covered by your insurance claim. However, if there are other issues that need to be addressed, we are able to provide a combination of private individual sessions and insurance funded sessions.